Monday, March 28, 2011


Dear All

Enclosed please find the call to support the movement against corruption spearheaded by Sh Anna Hazare. I request all members of Gov body to reach the Jantar Mantar the venue of fast by 1100h on 5 April 11 to show our solidarity to the movement against corruption. A roster will be circulated by undersigned giving names of the members to be present date wise at Jantar Mantar.


Dear All

You are all aware about the state of corruption in India. The situation has become so bad that it is not possible to get any work done in any Government office without giving a bribe. This situation is unacceptable and citizen of India are now waking up to oppose this state of affairs. Some eminent citizens have got together and made a forum called India against Corruption. The main plank of this forum and its members is that we will not give bribe for any work. The forum is led by prominent citizens of India like veteran Anna Hazare, Swami Ramdev Bharat vikas munch, Shri shri Ravi Shankar of art of living, Arun Kejriwal, retired bureaucrats, judges and veterans and citizen of India.

Under pressure of the people of India the Government has decided to bring in Lok Pal Bill in Parliament. The bill drafted by the law ministry does not give any powers to Lok Pal. Veteran Anna Hazare and other prominent citizens have decided to fight against this draft and have proposed more powers to the Lok Pal so that he/she can investigate any office including that of Prime Minister.

Sh Anna Hazare veteran of 1965 war and a Padma Bhushan awardee, supported by all Indians (small write up about veteran Anna Hazare is given at the end of this), has decided to sit on fast unto death on 5 April 2011 at Jantar Mantar New Delhi to convince the Government to consult citizens of India and incorporate changes suggested by the citizens and make the LokPal bill more effective. Please see the call given by Veteran Anna Hazare in linked video clip.

It is the moral duty of all veterans to support the agitation spearheaded by veteran Anna Hazare and supported by other prominent citizens of India. IESM fully supports the agitation of Veteran Anna Hazare and will ensure that the voice of the people of India against corruption will be heard and heeded by the Government and the LokPal bill will be brought by the Government after incorporating the amendments suggested by the veteran Anna Hazare and other prominent citizens.

Governing Body of IESM will be present on 5 April 2011 at Jantar Mantar on behalf of veterans of India to lend full support to veteran Anna Hazare in his fight against Corruption on behalf of all veterans of India. Thereafter three veterans and members of IESM would be present every day at Jantar Mantar in support of the agitation of Veteran Anna Hazare.

Similar actions are likely to be taken in different parts of India. State conveners are requested to coordinate participation in respective States.

Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM (Retd)
Gen Sec IESM


1. There is a small village named Ralegan Sidhi in Ahmednagar district of Maharastra. A young boy hailing from this village joined Indian Army as a driver in Army Supply Corps. He was on convoy duty during INDO-PAK War In 1965, in Shakargarh Sector. In course of his duties as a driver, while taking Army Supplies/ stores from Pathankot for fighting troops in Shakargarh sector, these convoys used to be under heavy air attacks from the Pakistan Aircrafts, One day Naik (Nk) Anna Hazare was driving his vehicle as part of the convoy across international border when, their vehicular column came under intense attack of fighter aircrafts of PAF. The attack continued for 10 to 15 minutes. All drivers under took all passive measures to ward off the attacks. Once the attack was over, Nk Anna Hazare got up from the road side deep pit a shelter which he had taken to save himself, visited other vehicles and found that all other drivers and co-drivers had been killed due to Pakistan Air Force air strafing and he was the sole survivor. Anna was deeply shaken and questioned him as to why only his life had been spared among all his colleagues, however, he got no answer. As the Indo-Pak war came to an end, Anna Hazare requested for some leave .While moving back the question as to why only he survived never left his psyche. At Pathankot railway station he purchased one book on life of Swami Vivekananda which he read and re –read throughout his journey back home. One particular thought in the book really hit his mind hard that was, Swami Vivekananda propagated that we human being are meant to live for others not for themselves as most of the humans are doing presently which is next to animal behavior.
2. On reaching his village whose economic status and social status was very low. The whole village had no cultivable land, they had only 20 odd cattle’s for milking, there was no source of drinkable water and the general area around the village was devoid of trees. His village was located in rain shadow area which was draught stricken. The villagers were very poor and their only source of income was sale of locally brewed illicit liquor. There was not even one concrete house in the village and all were living under thatched huts. There was no school in nearby areas up to 20 kms. Drinking water used to come once in a week in water trailers sent by the Collector from Ahmednagar 60 km away. In general, villagers were living under very poor and pathetic conditions. Anna Hazare decided to do something for his village and at that stage he did not know as what he will do; nevertheless he decided to do something. He took premature discharge from the Army and came and settled in his village.
3. Anna only received Rs 25000/- from the Army as lump-sum payment for pension which he pooled in and jumped in to improve the village. There was one temple in the village Anna improved the temple and started living there. He vowed to remain unmarried and dedicate his life for the up liftment of the villagers. He motivated some young persons of the village and first undertook the task of watershed management for the village. Prior to the rainy season they made bunds so that water did not flow away. They planted trees, ensuring cleanliness in the village and organized classes in a make shift classroom at the temple. The village had almost 2500 acres of land out of which only few acres was cultivable. Through sustained efforts of Anna and his team, the water table started rising, land bank of cultivable land increased, children started learning, and people purchased few buffalos and cows.
4. Today the Anna Hazare, s village displays a different story. All 2000 acres of land is being cultivated, village has 3000 cattle, all houses in the village are pucka and per capita income of villagers has gone up by many folds. There is one school which is of international standard. This school apart from taking students of the area also admits students who have been dropouts or failures. The School is being run like military schools and it produces very good results. All areas around 40 kms of Ralegan Sidhi have green cover, water table has come up and water is being conserved through watershed management techniques. He accomplished all this through “Sharam
Daan”, motivating villagers to work on the rolling landscape of the area around his village. He developed a very innovative bunds and small reservoirs along the contours which were designed to hold almost every drop of whatever scanty rainfall the parched land received. Soon the subsoil water reserves reached a level sufficient to cater to the agricultural and drinking needs of the village even if it did not rain for two consecutive years. There is one institute come up in the village being supervised by Shri Anna Hazare which conducts classes for students and farmers from all over the globe. They come to learn techniques of rural development and watershed management. Today Anna has been asked by the Maharashtra Government to bring up 300 villages of the state on model village like Ralegan Sidhi. Shri Anna is on advisory in agriculture and rural development of five states and has got 45 awards to his credit out of which 30 are international awards.
5. Anna sahib spearheaded “Bharastachar Nirman Andolan”, a movement aimed at cleansing the society of the malaise of corruption in public life. Anna Hazare was the person who initiated the Right to Information act first time in Maharashtra. He had to agitate for a very long time to get this act through in Maharashtra against all the opposition from the politicians and beuaurecrats; thereafter he agitated to get it through at National level. He was the force behind getting Telgi Stamp scam unearthed and later investigated in which number of ministers had to resign and many Babu,s were suspended.
6. One fine day one contingent of police led by one inspector reported to him at his residence at Ralegan. Anna very politely asked inspector purpose of his visit. The inspector informed Anna that Chief Minister had detailed him with 20 Sepoys saying that Anna was under threat in view of his role in unearthing Telgi Scam. Anna very politely told the inspector that he had died long back while serving in Army during 1965 Indo Pak War and if anyone wants to pump some bullets into a dead body let them. He asked the inspector to go back and inform the CM that he needs no protection.
7. While serving as Commandant Mechanized Infantry Regimental Centre at Ahmednagar; I came very close to Shri Anna Hazare. Once I invited him to our regimental centre to address 5000 soldiers posted there and large number of them was under training. Anna accepted our invitation; most interesting part of his one hour talk to them was that out of 5000 persons not even single person dosed off, which used to be normal phenomena since training schedule for the soldiers used
to be very hard and invariably some of them used to fall asleep in the mass lectures. All men identified themselves with Anna Hazare since he was Ex soldier were highly motivated with his talk to them.

Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
L - 48, Sector - 25,
NOIDA. 201301
Tele no 01204313951
Mobile 09810541222

Parliament Committee Recommends One Rank One Pension once again

Dear Veterans,
1. While the Govt continues to deny our legitimate demand of OROP, we have been relentlessly endeavouring to continue exploring all options to make the Govt see reason and grant us our due demand. To get the All Party Standing Committee on Defence, reiterate its recommendation on OROP in its report, we have been following it up with Shri Satpalji Maharaj, MP, and Chairman Standing Committee on Defence. In this connection please refer to our enclosed letters.
2. The Standing Committee in its report tabled in the Parliament on 24 Mar 2011, has once again recommended OROP. It has also recommended setting up of a National Commission for EX-Servicemen. Sh Satpal Ji Maharaj has very kindly sent the Press Release on the report through email to the undersigned which is enclosed.
3. Friends, echoes have started gaining momentum. What is required now is “A Strong United Movement by Armed Forces Veterans”. We, appeal to all defence fraternity to join hands and demonstrate strength, vibrancy, dynamism, “UNITY” without any frills. Let us all be ONE in our resolve to get OROP and ensure that the Govt listens to us for the fraternity at large.
4. I also appeal to all senior Defence Veterans specially all Lt Gens and Chiefs to come forward and support the Movement for Justice. We have saluted you and gave you our unflinching loyalty to safe guard the sovereignty and integrity of the country even at the peril of our lives. The rank and file was always with you.
5. Now when the Injustice is being done to us, we request you all to strongly take up our case with the Govt unitedly. This is the time to stand up and be counted. You will always remain our senior leaders and we look forward for your support to get our due Justice.
6. After reading this mail, please circulate it to as many veterans as possible for action please.
With Regards,
Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pensioners Problems addressed with Promptitude

Dear Colleagues,

It is always exhilarating to see a full inbox on opening the email. A large content comprises mails from the ESM environment advising us on what is wrong (several) and on what should be done (few). However, invariably the mails invite counters from others ending in a long trail of acrimonious, even venomous, exchanges. The drift is quite often indicative of criticism of IESMs inability to get OROP so far. All these are important for us to remain on our proverbial toes. Let me however, venture some suggestions:

Colleagues may do well to spend more effort and energy in weaving arguments in support of their own contention rather than on trying to condemn others’ point of view.

Do avoid getting personal. Everyone has a right to his/her view. Disagreements should be worded in a healthy language.

Some mails are unduly censorious of our Service Chiefs for their perceived inaction in pushing veterans’ cases. Unfortunately, most of such emails are a result of ignorance about what the Chiefs are doing. The environment may feel assured that the Service Heads are doing all that is feasible within the constraints of their being in uniform. There is general synergy in the efforts of veterans and Service Headquarters.
There have been many complaints from the ESM against the PCDA (P) Allahabad for their casualness in attending to pensioners’ problems. On 24 Feb 2011, I had written to CGDA against this. As a sample I had quoted the example of an unmarried dependent daughter of a deceased Brigadier whose pension case had been pending for a long time. (This has since been settled). Reply received from the CGDA is attached. It is hoped there is general improvement in service and the PCDA (P) acts with greater promptitude.
Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM

ESM sitrep 20 March evening

Dear Colleagues,
This evening I was interacting with a senior serving officer during a social do. He mentioned that for JCOs and Other Ranks the OROP is ‘almost’ granted. The conviction with which he spoke left no doubt that he fully believed in what he had stated. When the Government representative makes such a statement on TV, we can assume he has a stake and motivation in saying so, but the serving personnel thinking on these lines is only out of ignorance, which is most unfortunate.
Take an example of the lowest rank of a Sepoy of Group ‘Y’ who retires after 17 Years of service. The figure for pre-2006 pension (after the enhancement of 08.03.2010 has been factored in) is Rs 4971.00 while for his counterpart who retired on 31.01.2006 the figure is Rs 6850.00 which is 38% higher. This is just the basic pension without taking the ever increasing DA into account.
It will be good that we pass this around and inform maximum number of ESM and our uniformed brethren.

Best regards,

Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM

Thursday, March 3, 2011

ESM sitrep 03 March evening

Dear Colleagues,
As is known by now, instructions have been issued to the Army Commands to discontinue use of the acronym PBOR for our JCOs and Other Ranks as the term had derogatory connotation. We are grateful to the Service Chiefs for setting right an aberration.
As a follow-up of our rally in Damdama Jheel (Sohna District, Haryana) on 27 February 2011, 43 Veteran JCOs and Other Ranks have become members of the IESM. We extend a heartful welcome to these new members into the IESM family. The area has a high density of ESM and efforts are continuing to motivate others to join.
Looking forward to see maximum colleagues at the Jantar Mantar rally on 06 March 2011.

Best regards,

Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM

Chairman IESM

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Veterans' Vishal Rally to protest against Centre's apathy

Respected Sir/Madam,
The following report -- released by the United News of India news agency on March 2, 2011 -- is for your kind perusal.
With regards

Veterans' Vishal Rally to protest against Centre's apathy

Bhopal, Mar 2 (UNI) Veterans under the banner of the Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM) will hold a Vishal Rally at New Delhi's Jantar Mantar on Sunday to protest against the Centre's ''apathy and negative attitude'' towards their genuine demands the principal one being 'One Rank One Pension'.
''Thereafter, a delegation will leave for Rashtrapati Bhavan to deposit gallantry and Distinguished Service medals and a memorandum signed in blood to the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces,'' IESM Vice-Chairman Major-General (Retd) Satbir Singh, Sena Medal, said in a release.
IESM Chairman Lieutenant-Gen Raj Kadyan, Param Vishisht Seva Medal, AVSM, VSM, has already written to President Pratibha Devisingh Patil to accept the medals and the memo herself.
On seven earlier occasions, the veterans sought to return their medals to the Supreme Commander but the President has never granted them audience. The veterans have decided that in case the President does not accept the medals and the memo in person they will bring these back. The Rally will be conducted from 1000 hrs to 1500 hrs.
''Despite veterans' peaceful protests across the country for the past over 30 months, depositing of over 22,000 medals besides memoranda signed in blood by over 1.5 lakh veterans and numerous missives to and meetings with the Prime Minister, Defence Minister and other authorities, the Centre has not accepted genuine demands,'' Maj-Gen Singh alleged.
The Armed Forces tribunals, formed with a lot of ''fanfare'' to provide speedy justice to both serving and retired personnel, have been reduced to ''toothless'' tigers by the bureaucracy by not giving these the powers to initiate contempt proceedings against non-implementation of judgements.
This is evidenced by the fact that out of 4,000 judgements, 3600 -- which were in personnel's favour -- have not witnessed implementation.
''Establishment of the Armed Forces Grievances Redressal Commission, comprising two retired judges and two senior retired defence officers, was ordered by the Supreme Court and was to be operational by January 14. But till now, the Commission has not been rendered operational at ground level,'' Maj-Gen Singh pointed out.
It was extremely ''disturbing'' to know that personnel's widows were left out from the enhancement of pensions of junior commissioned officers and jawans carried out through a Government notification dated March 8, 2010.
''The Centre's indifferent attitude towards the Armed Forces is unexplainable especially keeping in mind the hostile environment prevailing on our borders both at land and sea. A nation to survive in such a hostile environment has to keep its forces well-equipped, well-trained, motivated and contented. These aspects need to be holistically addressed,'' he added.


1000 to 1030h Tea for the participants.
1030 to 1035h Welcome by Gen Sec
1035 to 1045h Financial Round up by the Treasurer.
1045 to 1100h Operational round up by the Chairman.
1100 to 1300h Discussion on agenda points.
1300 to 1345h Lunch and disbursement of travel claims
1345 to 1430h Discussion on agenda points
1430 to 1445h Tea.
1445 to 1525h Discussion on agenda points.
1525 to 1530h Vote of thanks by Gen Sec.AGENDA POINTS FOR CORE GROUP MEETING ON 5 MARCH 11 AT AVCC NOIDA
1. Filing a class suit for rank pay for all or joining with Major Dhanapalan.
2. Filing a class suit for Majors pension.
3. Regularizing bank electronic transfer facility for donations.
4. List of conveners.
5. Planning for rally on 6 March 11.
6. Preparation of case for filing of court case for Mil Pay and details to be given to lawyer Mr Nadesh Gupta.
7. IESM should bear the stay expenditure of Gov Body members as and when they visit delhi for meetings. Policy decision required for yes or no and if yes then to limit it to some modest expenditure.
8. Reimbursement of expenses and petty cash with Conveners.
9. Website.
Comments: The web site has had no updating since the last meeting in Delhi except I understand some girl was appointed for the purpose.
10. Automatic Members ship to Widows of existing members.
11. Associate Members
Comments: We have not yet put all our associate members nominal roll and their individual membership numbers on the site.
12. Pension Cell Head.
A final decision is awaited.
13. Court Case; To discuss whether IESM should file a caveat in respect of all three cases in the court currently (Maj/LT Col/Col and Brig). So that benefit of the verdict is available to all. If filing of caveat is agreed to then to form a team of some legal experts to discuss way and means of doing the same.
14. To file a writ petition, in the SC, pleading for the speedy implementation of the various pro ESM Judgements awarded by various AFTs & other courts.
15. Constitution of a Legal Division, with representation in more than one town. Delhi, Chandigarh and Pune sound good.
16. Getting into alliances/ co-partnering other litigants on a case by case basis.
17. Constitution of a Legal Division, with representation in more than one town. Delhi, Chandigarh and Pune sound good.
18. Getting into alliances/ co-partnering other litigants on a case by case basis.


Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
L - 48, Sector - 25,
NOIDA. 201301
Tele no 01204313951
Mobile 09810541222

IESM Rally on 27 Feb 2011

From: satbir singh []
Sent: 28 February 2011 16:05
Subject: Fw: IESM Rally on 27 Feb 2011

Dear Veterans

1. An IESM Rally was held at Damdama Jheel in Sohna district of Haryana on 27 Feb 2011.
2. Events covered by the Media are enclosed herewith.

With Regards,

Jai Hind

Yours Sincerely,

Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Vice Chariman, IESM