Thursday, June 9, 2011

ESM sitrep 07 June evening

Dear Colleagues,
In the recent past our efforts have been concentrated towards convincing the members of the Rajya Sabha Petitions Committee of the justification and genuineness of OROP for the Defence Forces. Realising that the government reluctance to give us OROP might be based on their apprehension of it provoking a similar demand from other non-Defence employees, we laid adequate emphasis in driving home our uniqueness in the national matrix. From the trend of discussion, questions asked by Committee members and from various other indications, we are very hopeful that the recommendations of the Committee will be favourable to our demand.
We now await the report of the Petitions Committee finding its way to the government and being discussed in the Parliament. In the meantime, veterans with a flair for writing are requested to get OROP related articles published in the media so as the keep the issue on the radar screen and to keep the tempo going.
A letter/reminder sent to Mrs Sonia Gandhi on 07 June 2011 regarding the Service widows’ request to meet her is given below.
Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM