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20 Sep 2013
Shri Pranab Mukherjee
Hon’ble, the President of India
& Supreme Commander of the Indian Defence Forces
Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi – 110 011


Hon’ble President,

Jai Hind!!

1. Approx 22000 medals of Defence Veterans have been deposited with the Supreme Commander between 2009 to 2012 on six different occasions. When numerous representations of the genuine demands made were ignored by the Govt with impunity; to express their anguish, the defence veterans took the step of depositing their hard earned medals.

2. Another 10000 medals voluntarily deposited by the veterans are respectfully lying in the office of Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM) and awaiting deposit with the Supreme Commander. Earlier, the medals were accepted by the staff of the Supreme Commander in the Rashtrapati Bhavan. When no positive outcome was in sight, the veterans then decided to hand over the medals only to the Supreme Commander in person. The delegation of veterans and defence widows brought these 10000 medals back when the Supreme Commander did not accept in person.

3. Hon’ble Rashtrapati Jee, we wish to request you to kindly, keep the safe custody of the 22000 medals already deposited with you with honour and respect in Rashtrapati Bhavan and these be maintained properly. During Ex-Servicemen Rallies held across the country; the veterans had expressed their concern about the honour and respect of their medals lying in safe custody in the Rashtrapati Bhavan. MVC, VrC, Military cross, PVSM, AVSM PYSM AYSM, are the medals which form part of the returned medals. These medals are proudly pinned on the chest of soldiers with great pomp and show in Rashtrapati Bhavan for the exceptional bravery of soldiers in the security of nation. It should be a matter of great concern that the soldiers have decided to return these medals because of total neglect of armed forces and veterans welfare. May we request you to also kindly allow inspection of the safe custody of our medals by our delegation at regular intervals say once in three months.

4. Our next Rally at Jantar Mantar New Delhi is being held on 19 October 2013 from 10 AM to 3 PM. You are requested to kindly receive the delegation of Defence Veterans in Rashtrapati Bhavan and accept the medals yourself in person during the above Rally. It is planned that the delegation will reach Rashtrapati Bhavan at 3 PM.

5. May we request you to kindly confirm your availability please?

With regards, 
Yours sincerely,

Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Offg Chairman, Indian Ex Servicemen Movement
Mobile: +919312404269, Tel: 0124-41105709
Email: satbirsm@gmail.com

Copy to:-
Dr Manmohan Singh
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
152, South Block, New Delhi -110011 For information please

Shri AK Antony
Hon’ble Defence Minister
9, Krishna, Menon Marg New Delhi -do-

General Bikram Singh, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, ADC
Chief of the Army Staff.
Integrated HQs of Armed Forces (Army)
South Block, New Delhi-110011 -do-

Admiral Devendra Kumar Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM, ADC
Chief of the Naval Staff
Integrated HQs of Armed Forces (Navy)
South Block, New Delhi-110011 -do-

Air Chief Marshal Norman Anil Kumar Browne, PVSM, AVSM, VM
Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee and Chief of the Air Staff
Vayu Bhawan, New Delhi 110011 -do-



Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM,
Offg Chairman IESM,
Mob: +919312404269,0124-4110570
E Mail ID: satbirsm@gmail.com


Dated: 28 Sep 2013

Dr Manmohan Singh
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
152, South Block, New Delhi -110011


Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

1. The Central Government has announced that Prime Minister has approved the constitution of the Seventh Central Pay Commission. We Defence veterans are heartened that a separate Military Pay Commission is likely to be set up in line with the commitments made by the Government in 2009. 

2. We are however worried that this, much needed refinement would be typically hijacked in implementation, by the Civil services Bureaucracy. In fact newspaper reports (Quote TOI report dated 26 Sep 2013)--Defence ministry officials on Wednesday acknowledged that “everybody had agreed’’ that there will be no separate pay commission for the armed forces but held that the “modalities’’ on how to give representation to the armed forces in the seventh CPC would be decided at a later stage) already indicate the intention of the MOD officials to scuttle a separate Military Pay Commission. We therefore demand that: 

(a) The Military Pay Commission (MPC) be headed and staffed entirely by members serving and retired- of the Defence Forces. 

(b) Over the nearly seven decades since independence the economic status and relative standing of the Defence Forces personnel in relation to their counterparts in the Civil Services has progressively been brought down; mostly through translational anomalies introduced in issue of implementing instructions by the Civil Services personnel. To guard against this, it is suggested that the MPC be additionally tasked with the entire exercise of revision, including issue of implementing instructions consequent to the approval of the MPC recommendations.

(c) To compensate the Defence personnel for their unusual life full of hardships and early retirement, and to make military service an attractive career, there is need to legislate that their pay would be guarded to have edge over their counterparts in Civil Services, for relative years in service, at EACH stage. The other countries of the world package their Defence personnel 15 -20 percent higher than their Civilian Counterparts.

3. We also strongly recommend that the Chairman of MPC and CPC should be common. This will ensure that Chairman is fully in picture about the demands and requirements of both sides so that there is no discrimination. Also while some bureaucrat members from MoD and MoF be part of the MPC, there must be a senior Military representative on the CPC who can co-ordinate with the service HQs. 

4. We hope the above will be truly integrated in the orders for the 7th CPC as and when it is issued. 

With regards,

Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM,
Offg Chairman IESM,
Mob: +919312404269,0124-4110570
E Mail ID: satbirsm@gmail.com

Copy to:-

Shri AK Antony, 

Hon’ble Raksha Mantri, 

Ministry of Defence, 

New Delhi-110011

General Bikram Singh, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, ADC Chief of the Army Staff.
Integrated HQs of Armed Forces (Army) South Block, New Delhi-110011.

Admiral Devendra Kumar Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM, ADC Chief of the Naval Staff Integrated HQs of Armed Forces (Navy), South Block, New Delhi-110011.

Air Chief Marshal Norman Anil Kumar Browne, PVSM, AVSM, VM.
Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee and Chief of the Air Staff. Vayu Bhawan, New Delhi 110011.

Sunday, July 28, 2013



26 Jul 2013.
Dear Veterans,
Jai Hind.

Dear Members,
I am deeply pained to circulate the email below, received from Gp Capt VK Gandhi, Secretary General IESM.

However, the action taken by the IESM Governing Body is correct and it should have been taken long time ago.
Governing Body IESM continued to persuade Lt Gen Kadyan to mend his ways but, due to his ulterior motives and some carrot hanging somewhere, he continued on the course adopted by him to destroy IESM.

Five years ago Lt Gen Raj Kadyan and Maj Gen Satbir Singh with increasingly very large support from ESM located from North to South of India from East to West of India, started IESM with great josh and efforts. Rightly, within six months of its raising IESM became a force to reckon.

While many other ESM organisation have been working hard and are still working hard to resolve problems of ESM and families, but the approach adopted by IESM made greater success in a short time.

The UPA Government became visibly scared of the ways of operations of IESM. Many requests, directly and indirectly came to IESM saying don’t do this or that – IESM carried on fearlessly.

UPA Government has been looking for ways and means to destroy IESM as it destroyed many other movements. IESM leadership stood firmly against such attempts till one of its stalwarts saw some very attractive carrot hanging in front of him. This happened about two years ago.

For over two years I have been receiving very reliable information from many sources that Kadyan has been given a specific task to achieve. His behaviour in the IESM Governing Meetings was also confirming those inputs. I warned many senior members of IESM about it – but they would not believe me.

The true colours of Lt Gen Raj Kadyan became apparent to the Governing Body IESM in Dec 2012. The story beyond Dec 2012 has been well related by Gp Capt Gandhi in his email below.

Kadyan is playing very dirty trick of creating a divide among the officers, JCOs and OR among the ESM and families with a view to destroy their joint power to fight against injustice by the UPA Government and thus quickly reach the carrot hanging in front of him.

I am very sure that with the expulsion of Lt Gen Kadyan major hurdles in the way of IESM are out. IESM have the will power and resources and with help from you all – IESM will be able to come over the hurdles that Kadyan will now openly generate to ensure that he receives the carrot promised to him by highly placed personalities.

A sad day in the history of ESM and families of India.
Please remember with support from you ALL, IESM will regain its lost ground. So go all out to support IESM.

In service of Indian Military Veterans & Families
Chander Kamboj

From: Vinod Gandhi
Date: Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 11:12 AM
To: indianveterans m>, IESM GROUP

Dear Members

By now you must be aware that all is not well in IESM. It is my duty to keep facts in front of all members so that members can make their own opinion. At the outset I ask for your patience for a bit long mail but I cannot help since I want to bring all facts in-front of veterans

IESM has been in operation since last five years. The accounts of IESM had been regularly audited and presented to all veterans every year in AGM. All queries raised by veterans are answered satisfactorily. Lt Gen Raj Kadyan had been signing the balance sheet for the last five years and had never raised any objection. Monthly income and expenditure statements are being made as per rules and are available in the office for all to check. Lt Gen Raj Kadyan had access to all accounts as all other members of GB and all members of IESM. GB IESM invites all veterans to come and check the accounts which are available in the office. GB had not agreed to put the accounts on the website as demanded by Lt Gen Raj Kadyan as GB felt that Internet is not a safe medium such sensitive information. Any constructive suggestion would be taken and incorporated in the accounting procedure. Yes IESM Gov Body had refused to pay the transportation charges of veterans who came from Jhajjhar for casting their votes and attending the AGM on 2 Dec 2012, as it is against the rules of the AGM and elections. This has probably infuriated Lt Gen Raj Kadyan because he had to pay Rs 18000/ from his pocket to these veterans who were called by him to vote for him and his candidates. Accounts of IESM are being kept as per rules and will be projected for scrutiny of all members in coming AGM planned on 20 Oct 2013 at AVCC Sector 37 Noida.

The problem in IESM started about two years back when members of GB pointed out to the Lt Gen Raj Kadyan that he had been visiting Defense Minister all alone and then issuing Sitreps to the environment. GB members advised Lt Gen Raj Kadyan on many occasions that it must be delegation of IESM who should meet the RM and other officials to present the problems of veterans. Lt Gen Raj Kadyan refused this simple request and termed those meeting as his personal meetings and confirmed that he meets RM for many problems and also discusses the IESM issues and he would continue meeting him alone. We all know the outcome of these meetings! I can say with conviction that veterans and widows were not benefited in any way. But he continued visiting RM by himself and kept mentioning it in Sitreps. This issue was considered too insignificant to bring to the notice of environment. However GB members communicated their opposition to the stand of Lt Gen Kadyan. Veterans noticed the slant towards praise of the Govt in Sitreps in last few months and discussed with GB members. Many veterans expressed their apprehensions that this change in the outlook of Sitreps is not a healthy sign for our fight for Justice and OROP.

GB members had been discussing in meetings that IESM delegation must meet three the chiefs of armed forces and explain to them problems of veterans so that Armed Force HQs understand our problems and veterans would know the stand of HQs on veterans’ issues. Lt Gen Kadyan kept steam rolling this suggestion and refused to meet the three Chiefs. Then, suddenly one day he informed the GB that he had met the CNS. GB members questioned about this visit and asked why did he visit CNS alone? He had no reply and gave flimsy reasons that there was no time to inform any GB member.

Sometimes in April 12 Army HQs informed Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Vice Chairman IESM, that a rally of veterans has been organized in village Palra in Jhajjhar dist on 16 May 12. COAS Gen VK Singh would address the veterans in the rally. The issue was discussed by the GB and a decision was taken that IESM will wholeheartedly only take part in the rally and would ensure a very large gathering for the rally. To the utter surprise of GB, Lt Gen Kadyan vehemently opposed participation of IESM and veterans in the rally. GB members over-ruled (single dissention) his objection and decided that IESM will lend full support to the rally as this rally would bring many- fold advantages to the veterans. Veterans would get a chance to meet COAS and explain their problems first hand and, veterans would get to sort out their pension problems and ECHS problems as Army HQs had arranged all specialists to attend to the problems of veterans, Lt Gen Raj Kadyan continued opposing IESM participation and even published in newspapers and asked veterans to boycott the rally. Lt Gen Kadyan even gave statements against the then COAS Gen VK Singh that he was using this rally to build up his image. This statement of Lt Gen Kadyan against Gen VK Singh was shocking and to say the least vey shameful. He went a step ahead and threatened GB members that he would not sanction any funds for the rally. It was surprising to hear this from the Chairman. IESM did not spend any funds on this rally. The rally was a huge success and veterans were a happy lot to mingle with the brother soldiers and felt elated. Many veterans could resolve their pension problems as CDA officials were present to provide instant replies. On the day of the rally, Lt Gen Raj Kadyan suddenly decided to attend the rally and insisted that he would speak on behalf of IESM. Army authorities had by then sensed the real intent of Lt Gen Raj Kadyan that he would use his position and create disturbance in the rally. He was not permit him to speak. Later on it was revealed that intelligence inputs had indicated that Lt Gen Raj Kadyan came to malign the rally and speak against the then COAS Gen VK Singh. It was not difficult to put the two and two together of his real intent. Lt Gen Raj Kadyan was well known to speak against Gen VK Singh in every TV interview and used all his vocabulary to speak against Gen VK Singh. He was using his position to make a constituency for himself and make his image on the TV shows. 

GB members smelled the rat and advised Lt Gen Raj Kadyan to avoid misusing his position but he did not heed to the advice. Even the 'MOA' of IESM clearly lays down that decision in the GB meetings will be taken by 'Majority' view. Lt Gen Raj Kadyan continued disregarding the majority decision of the GB. Many a times it was pointed out in GB meeting and decision taken by GB was recorded that decision taken by GB would be final and all must abide by the decision. His continuous disregard and willful defiance of GB decisions had started troubling GB members.

IESM announced a grand rally on 1 Dec 2012 and AGM and election to GB on 2 December 12. The rally was attended by more than 5000 veterans from 14 states. Many speakers expressed their views. Vice Chairman spoke about the achievements and future plans of IESM. It was surprising to hear Chairman Lt Gen Raj Kadyan speak against the official thinking of the IESM to the audience. The issues brought out by Lt Gen Raj Kadyan surprised all and brought out the differences in the GB in open. Surprisingly Lt Gen Raj Kadyan did not deem it necessary to discuss the issues with GB members before bringing it out in public glare thus lowering the image of IESM in the eyes of veterans.

Brig OP Marwaha and Col VK Sekhri were requested to conduct the election of IESM GB planned for 2 Dec 12. The team had conducted the previous elections of IESM in 2010 and were regarded very fair in conducting elections. 24 nomination papers were received by the election team (Five for the appointments in GB and 19 for the post of member GB). Election team found mistakes in many forms and approved only 11 nomination forms for the post of member GB. Lt Gen Raj Kadyan met Chief election Officer and attempted to influence him in favor of four contestants. Chief Election Officer confirmed to him that he would conduct the elections as per rules of Election Commission and prevalent traditions. The results were announced as the approved nomination papers were less than the vacancies in the GB. Lt Gen Raj Kadyan announced to the audience that he was not in agreement with the elections and he suggested re-elections thus creating disturbance in the meeting. He also once again touched upon the issues which had till then not been discussed in the GB. Lt Gen Kadyan thus once again brought the differences in the GB to the public without even discussing in the GB. Four contestants whose nomination papers were rejected by the Chief Election Officer then sent representation to the Registrar Societies, Haryana Chandigarh. The Registrar Societies had fixed 4 Apr 13 as date of hearing. Chairman Lt Gen Raj Kadyan and Gen Sec Gp Capt VK Gandhi were respondents in the complaint. Governing Body IESM took a decision that the IESM would be represented by Maj Gen AJB Jaini, Gp Capt VK Gandhi and Cdr SS Ahuja and no other member will attend the hearing on 4 Apr 13 from IESM. This decision was communicated to Lt Gen Raj Kadyan who had not attended the meeting in which this decision was taken. He not only attended the hearing, against the resolution of GB, but also argued in favor of the petitioners. This action on part of Lt Gen Raj Kadyan brought in open his plan to induct some members who would take his side in GB meetings and he would be able to get his views through the GB. This is for the information of veterans that Gov Body had sensed a tilt in favor of Govt in the behavior of Lt Gen Raj Kadyan. GB members were therefore very critical of his suggestions and most of his suggestions were over-ruled with only one vote in favor of his suggestion and rest voting against his opinion. This is probably the reason that Lt Gen Kadyan wanted to fill the GB with his YES men but failed because of mistakes on the part of his men in filling the forms. Director Societies in his order has asked IESM to amend the MOA and increase strength of GB members from present 17 to 21 with a view to accommodate the four complainants. IESM has already formed a committee to amend the MOA and is planning to bring the amendments in the forthcoming AGM. 

Lt Gen Kadyan has now called for Emergency General Meeting (EGM) on 28 July 13 without discussing the matter in the GB. There is no provision in the MOA of the IESM for Chairman to call for an EGM. IESM had already planned the AGM on 20 Oct 13 and is in the process of announcing to the environment. It is therefore difficult to understand the urgency of the EGM when regular AGM has already been planned on 20 Oct unless there is an ulterior motive of forcibly taking over control of GB. It is not difficult to notice the powers working behind this move. IESM has become a thorn in the eyes of Govt because Govt has not done justice with the veterans. This is the only to put brakes on the activities of IESM. Therefore, this meeting has been declared illegal by IESM.

In view of constant defiance of GB decisions by Lt Gen Kadyan, and specially attending the hearing in the office of The Registrar Societies on 4 April 13 totally against the resolution of GB, Lt Gen Raj Kadyan was asked in writing on 25 April the reasons for his defiance of GB decision and asked to reply by 1 May 13. He replied that he would send his reply by 7 May 13. His reply was not received by the due date. He was then issued a Show Cause Notice on 15 July and was asked to send his justification latest by 25 July 13. Once again the reply has not been received by the due date. In-spite of coming clean and giving justification of his anti IESM action, he has decided to confront the GB and MOA and has announced an EGM with the help of disgruntled veterans. He is also attempting to create a rift in officers, JCOs and ORs where in-fact there is none. There is one important question which every veteran is asking, “How much veterans have befitted from his friendship with the Defence Minister? The answer probably is that NIL. Pension of widows also could not be increased with his clout. 

Governing Body of IESM met on 25 July 13 and deliberated on this situation and came to the conclusion that Lt Gen Raj Kadyan has no justification for his action against the collective will of GB. He has been constantly acting against the majority decision of GB. Because of constant defiance of GB and lowering the image of IESM by Lt Gen Raj Kadyan, his primary membership of IESM has been terminated by the GB under the powers vested in GB under clause 7 (d) (vi) of MOA. His primary membership of IESM has been terminated with immediate effect.

This is a very sad decision that primary membership of the erstwhile Chairman had to be terminated because of his constant actions against the majority decisions of the Governing Body and acting against the interest of IESM.


Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
L - 48, Sector - 25,
NOIDA. 201301
Tele no 01204313951
Mobile 09810541222



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ECHS Issues..Maj Gen Satbir Singh's views on STENT

ECHS Issues..Maj Gen Satbir Singh's views on STENT

Dear All,
 1 yes I had spoken to the AG this morning.I wish the construction and tech details of ingeniously produced stents should have been circulated in the environments for gen acceptability beforre introduction as part of approved procedure for ECHS.

Just imagine an ESM LYING ON anOperation table and Dr asks the patient or NOK INDIAN OR FOREIGN STENT? What should be the ans is not difficult to assess.Some super speciality Hospitals may not be using the Indian stents. 

Has MD ECHS confirmed from all empeneled hospitals and also from all non empeneled hospitals in the country where in an EMERGENCY an ESM needing stenting will be taken.If that hospital does not use Indian stent, WHO WILL PAY FOR THE DIFFERENCE IN COST? WHY ARE WE MAKING THINGS DIFFICULT FOR VATERAN Soldiers?

2 For Md echs--why don't you please brief the true picture about the empeneled hospitals in the country? Over 80 Percent of the empeneled hospitals have withdrawn from theECHS for delay:/non payments of their bills and also the LOW RATES OF ECHS.Please tell me even ONE HOSPITAL IN THE COUNTRY(SUPER SPECIALITY) which is ready to be empeneled at ECHS rates.

3 These are the matters affecting the life of ESM and decisions on such matters should be arrived at after due deleberations.Vested commercial intersts of a few individuals must not be allowed to prevail.


Maj Gen Satbir Singh, VC, IESM

On 21 May 2013 14:28, "Veterans Cell" wrote:
 Dear General Satbir,
 I believe you had a discussion with the AG on some ECHS issues.The AG had a word with MD who explained that indigenous stunts have been approved by Indian Council of Medical Association. These are safe and meet the medical requirement / standards besides being much cheaper as compared to imported stunts. The downward revision in the approved rates is due to this reason. The MD also explained that a patient can opt for imported stunts but will have the bear the difference in the cost. As regard the issue of empaneled hospitals in Mumbai, there was only one empaneled hospital - Hira Nandani who had opted out due to approved rates as applicable in CGHS being low and delayed payments. We also did not have any Regional Centre at Mumbai which was the responsibility of the Navy. The Regional Centre is now operational and they are shortlisting hospitals for empanelment. We are hopeful that the situation will improve shortly. Best Regards.
 Anil Chauhan
 DDG Veterans

ESM sitrep 20 May evening...from Lt Gen Raj Kadyan.

ESM sitrep 20 May evening...from Lt Gen Raj Kadyan...

Dear Colleagues,

At a dinner gathering some days ago, I got a chance to interact with a number of politicians from different political parties. The subject of OROP being uppermost in my mind, I naturally mentioned it. Some of the comments are noted here.

Mr Pratap Singh Bajwa, President of Punjab Congress Party, had a long chat with me on the subject. He promised all help. Mr Bhupender Singh Hooda, the Haryana CM, while supporting the demand also commented, “ab to aap logon ko bahut kuchh mil gaya.” He was obviously referring to the recent pension enhancement and I gave him my view that OROP is still far off. The most notable reaction came from Mr Sachin Pilot. Himself walking up to me, he enquired whether the OROP had been given. When I replied in the negative, he appeared genuinely dismayed.

We have to keep garnering support whenever and whatever opportunity comes our way.

Best regards,

Lt Gen Raj Kadyan
 Chairman IESM
 262, Sector - 17A
 Gurgaon - 122 001


  1. VOTE POWER OF VETERANS by Gp Capt VK Gandhi ..IESM.
     Dear Veterans

    Indians including Veterans have a strong desire to have a party which will give us good governance but for veterans it is more important to have a Govt which will give us our status including OROP along with good Governance.

    It will be a big mistake to assume that only congress party is capable of providing good Governance and all other parties are incapable to provide good Governance. While some people will quote Karnataka as a failed example for BJP, we must not forget Gujrat, MP, Bihar Tamilnadu, Punjab and West Bengal which are being ruled by parties other than congress and are definitely ahead of the states which are being ruled by Congress. Large population of India is looking at Karnataka as an example that a responsible party has preferred to sacrifice a Govt but did not bow down on its principle of NO CORRUPTION AND NO COMPROMISE WITH CLEAN GOVERNANCE.

    Veterans, it is time to wake up and oppose UPA and its anti people and anti Military policies. We must vote for parties which will promise to meet our demands within one month of coming to power. These parties should also include veterans demands in their manifesto and loudly announce in all election meetings during campaigning.

    If we vote for congress, it is almost certain that this will be a vote approving all the scams and these politicians will get more deep in ruining Indian resources to fill their pockets. Well veterans vote for congress at your own peril and forget about your welfare and OROP.

    Congress and UPA is anti veterans and anti people and is only for bureaucrats and politicians. UPA Govt in past has denied us our dues given by the pay commissions, opposed tooth and nail our demands in courts, did not implement even after loosing in court and when gave it under the court order (to avoid contempt of court) they have declared as if they have given us OROP. Whereas truth is that they have given us nothing and are nowhere close to OROP but they are claiming to be messiah of Military and veterans.

    IESM is writing to all Political parties including congress to make their stand clear on the demands of veterans and confirm this through their manifesto and their election meetings. IESM will meet all parties to discuss these issues and take a firm stand. IESM will make its choice at the appropriate time just before the election time and will advise veteran community. Veterans have the right to use their vote power as they deem fit.



    Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
     Gen Sec IESM
     L - 48, Sector - 25,
     NOIDA. 201301
     Tele no 01204313951
     Mobile 09810541222

    Pls see IESM latest NEWS on http://www.iesm.org/